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Hey People!

So I am new to insideadog! I started tonight. I am so sorry for the the cheezie jokes (in advance). So let’s get started. One of my favourite books is HP (Harry Potter for Muggles) and I hate being called a Muggle. If you haven’t read HP I don’t know where you have been! It has been around for about….maybe…… 20 years I think. I don’t know exactly but I think it is around 20 years. So if you like Nevermoor or Skullduggery Pleasant or those kind of books you will love HP! If you like things like Goosebumps and horror books you will love the movies but maybe not the books as much. I mean people if you don’t have one HP thing in your room you must get something otherwise you can not reach your full HP potential.




Welcome to insideadog!! I look forward to seeing you posting!!
Also YES harry potter is amazing :D
good luck and have fun!!!

19th Oct, 18

Hi, nice to meet you.

20th Oct, 18

I really need to get into Skullduggery Pleasant... Also if you like Harry Potter you should try Carry On by Rainbow Rowell, it's like Harry Potter, but for adults. It's refreshing!

24th Oct, 18

Sweet I shall look into it!

1st Nov, 18