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Hi People!

So yesterday I was talking about HP (Harry Potter for Muggles). So now I’m gunna talk about Warriors. The main idea πŸ’‘ on Warriors is it is about cats 🐈. Β There are 4 clans with a Leader, a Deputy, a Medicine Cat and Warriors (to name few). Not to spoil too much but in the books there is a time they have to move. There are parts when you feel like you want to cry 😭 and there are parts when you smile πŸ˜€ or laugh πŸ˜† so hard your mouth πŸ‘„ hurts πŸ€•. Warriors is a feeling book πŸ“– if you don’t like to cry 😭 or smile πŸ˜ƒ so much this isn’t the book πŸ“– for you.




I've heard about it. Can't find the books in any of my libraries though ;(.

24th Oct, 18

Oh sad! I know they have some books at the Altona North Library!

1st Nov, 18

I'm currently stuck with Tallstar's Revenge, (not even halfway). I'm also reading Midnight. (It's too much for me :V).

20th May, 19

I am currently reading Warriors: Omen of stars : The Last hope

14th Jul, 19